International Day of Peace short history


"The International Day of Peace" day was first celebrated in 1981.
In 2013 the day become committed by using the Secretary-General of the United Nations to peace education. The key preventive means to reduce struggle sustainable. The inscription on its facet reads, Long live absolute international peace.

History of The International Day of Peace

The date initially chosen became the regular establishing day of the once a year. Which is the sessions of the General Assembly, the third Tuesday of September. Tuesday 21 September 1982 become the primary incidence of the International Day of Peace. The theme of the primary International Day of Peace turned into the Right to peace of people. Since 1983, on the request of the Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations; Pathways To Peace (PTP) submitted an Initiative Annual Report to the UN, summarizing the Peace Day activities.

The reviews from 2005 to 2009 are available as files as mentioned below

For its initiatives for the International Year of Peace in 1987, PTP becomes granted “Peace Messenger”. It changed into regular that it would be impractical for one member.
Who state to invite for a selected slot at a popular UN ceremony. That year the day changed into changed from the 0.33 Tuesday to in particular the twenty-first day of September; to take impact in 2002. A new decision become handed by the General Assembly, subsidized via the United Kingdom and Costa Rica. Who offer the International Day of Peace a hard and fast calendar date, 21 September; and declare it also as a day of worldwide ceasefire and non-violence.
A poster through 15-yr-old Taiwanese college student Yang Chih-Yuan become introduced as one of the winners; however, the announcement became withdrawn. Taiwan media reviews, Taiwan Lions Club and the authorities of Taiwan claimed the decision. Now not to use the poster resulted from the strain from China; The rejection of the scholars portray on political grounds did no longer mirror the beliefs.
The UN announced that, although within the quick list of eight designs; due to an internal false impression and miscommunication, Mr. The authorities of Taiwan (Republic of China) later issued a stamp containing the image. In 2005, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan known for the global observance of a 22-hour cease-hearth and day of nonviolence to mark the Day.

Some International Day of Peace events after 2005

The Culture of Peace Initiative posted an annual document for the International Day of Peace. In 2005 describing occasions in 46 nations: Africa; East Asia and Pacific Latin America and Caribbean Europe the Middle East North America. In 2006, then Secretary-General Kofi Annan rang the Peace Bell for the closing time during his term in office. That yr the UN asserted the many methods it works for peace and to inspire individuals, groups and communities around the sector to contemplate and communicate thoughts and sports on a way to reap peace.
This turned into prepared with the aid of Peace Parade UK. The Culture of Peace Initiative published an annual record for the International Day of Peace in 2009; describing events in 77 countries: Africa 14; East Asia and Pacific 20; Latin America and Caribbean 11; Europe 23; the Middle East 7; North America 2 nations (48 states, provinces). Many corporations held Peace Day events worldwide in 2011.
There had been college sports, tune concerts, global comedy golf equipment , peace doves, prayer vigils, peace conferences, and UN sports. In 2011, Peace One Day introduced at their O2 Arena concert. A new global marketing campaign referred to as Global Truce 2012.

Worldwide collaboration of Non-governmental companies

A grassroots initiative and worldwide coalition with non-governmental companies and Students' unions in each continent. Which accelerated participation and motion on Peace Day 2012. A international campaign to growth attention of Peace Day and sell peace education inside colleges and community agencies the Peace Crane Project. Gorey Community School in Co. 21 September 2014.

The live performance of INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE at Amsterdam's Ziggo Dome. 21 September 2014 (prepared by MasterPeace) International Peace Day ceremony, organized by Ekta Parishad, Gandhi Bhawan, Bhopal, India, September 2014.
The subject of the 2014 International Day of Peace is the Right of Peoples to Peace. Which reaffirming the United Nations commitment to the UN Declaration at the Right of Peoples to Peace; which acknowledges that the advertising of peace is important for the full leisure of all human rights.

Waves Of Kindness international meditation events The Waves Of Kindness Global Initiative celebrates the United Nations International Day Of Peace; though international meditation events. This topic is based on the TOGETHER global campaign; That promotes respect, safety, and dignity for all and sundry pressured to escape their homes searching for a better life. In 2017, The Peace Crane Project announced the aim of amassing 1,000 cranes from students around the arena to display in various venues to have a goo

International Day of Peace countries

A survey by using the Culture of Peace News Network determined internet reports approximately 562 celebrations of the International Day of Peace . These covered 128 occasions coming from most of the provinces and states in Canada and the USA. Next were the international locations formerly a part of the Soviet Union with 104. Next had been 177 events from Europe and 158 activities from Asia.
There have been ninety-five events from Latin America and the Caribbean, seventy-one events from nations formerly part of the Soviet Union, seventy-one from Africa, and 15 from Arab and Middle Eastern countries. The United Nations has decided on the subject matter "Climate Action for Peace" for the 2019 International Day of Peace.


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